Project management and strategy for Companies


You know you can’t change the world if you can not make your bed. Neither can your business without a framework in place to ensure success. And no, a list of tasks and deadlines is not enough to deliver on time and quality results. A working structure requires strategy and creativity.

New PROJECT launch

You have a new project starting off but no management capacity to deal with it: you are low on project managers, need additional help, or have an unusually large project.

Here are some of the things we will be working on:

  • Define a strong work plan: break the project into tasks, timelines and goals
  • Set progress and feedback tracking means, as well as contingency plans
  • Assign responsibilities and roles
  • Manage project timelines and budgets
  • Project status communication with client and team


intervention on the run

The ball is rolling and business is expanding, but you need a solid organisational backbone in order to not be overwhelmed by work. How to go from busy to organised?

We have to improve the workflow. Here are some of the things we will be working on:

  • Audit the current situation (both from outside and through employees’ feedback) detect pain points and elaborate fixes
  • New tools evaluation and implementation
  • Introduce elements of motivation for employees
  • Fine-tune goals and activities