A millennials’ narrative

Millennials Arniani Veldman 4YFN

Together with digital antrophologist Jennifer Veldman, I organise a series of workshops on Millennials’ relationship with technology, looking into new models for agency and collaboration.

Why Millennials?

When changes are happening faster than our possibility to adapt to it as a society, in order to reflect and build on a better digital future, we need to take a pause in the flux of the events and look at how we arrived here – as individuals, and society. The Millennial generation is the key between these two. Born in an era mostly defined by analogue systems, their formative years are defined and aligned with the digital revolution. Born in, and brought up with the values, of the analogue world, remembering the actual experience comes with great difficulty. Millennials, being the first digital natives, are the embodiment of the merge of values of an analogue and a digital world. This key embodiment is what makes the Millennial narrative of utmost importance in envisioning a framework for a fair, sustainable and human-centric digital future.

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June 5, 2019