Futuribile is a project that engages with tech researchers, innovators and policy makers to explore the impacts of technology on society and elaborate inclusive and sustainable futures.

These futures take the shape of research and innovation projects; novel products or services; speculative workshops and symposia; writings. In the process, Futuribile raises awareness to a non-specialised audience about the implications of computing disappearance into the fabric of the everyday.

Marta Arniani is the founder and curator of Futuribile. She has extensive experience with both designing and coordinating projects within European Commission funding frameworks for Research and Innovation. Her expertise lies in Digital Social Innovation.

Under the Futuribile umbrella she:

Works as strategy and fundraising consultant for universities, private companies and NGOs

Authors reports about inclusive technology innovation

Curates interdisciplinary workshops and panel discussions

Acts as reviewer for the European Commission


Insights and news about technology impacts on society and how society can strike back.

“Futuribile” (Italian) means “something that may happen if certain conditions are met”. It implies that the conditions we set today are key to an inclusive and sustainable future. Since the start of the Internet, digital means have been considered an extra layer of management capabilities on top of traditional ones. This instrumental approach led to the subtle blend of digital interfaces and sensors into the everyday. How can we guarantee social justice if technology amplifies both existing bias and inequalities and is invisible to the most? Deliberate choices about technology development, use and awareness are critical.

What people say

“Marta is one of the brightest people that I know who has an equally high emotional, social, communicative and administrative intelligence, which is the rarest of rare combinations. If I had the funds I would hire her full time.”

Rob van Kranenburg

Founder, IoT Council

As an external consultant and a valued member of our global community of experts, Marta has been a valuable asset to the Digital Future Society Think Tank since 2019. More than a project manager and storyteller, Marta is a highly capable, creative and responsive researcher that immediately understands our needs and delivers top quality work with minimal intervention needed, not only on time but ahead of schedule. Marta’s expertise in all things digital runs wide and deep. She is a gifted writer who understands how to craft highly engaging content tailored to audiences from high-level decision-makers to young innovators and entrepreneurs. Look no further than her newsletter, futuribile/curating futures for evidence of this.

Carina Lopes

Director, Digital Future Society Think Tank, Mobile World Capital

Marta was extremely well-organized and a thoughtful and sensitive leader who helped keep our project on track and on task. As a first time participant in a European public-sector project, Marta helped me and my company understand and navigate the bureaucratic minutiae necessary to succeed. She also demonstrated these skills as an organizer of public events and communications for our project. Marta is diplomatic, organized, and passionate about her work in social innovation.

Lee-Sean Huang

Cofounder, Creative Director, Foossa

Marta is brilliant. She is an excellent facilitator, great project manager and fantastic at creating original high quality content. She helped shape the early stages on the Next Generation Internet. Really enjoyed working with her and highly recommend Marta.

Mirko Presser

Associate professor, Aarhus University

“The incorporation of highly skilled collaborators such as Marta is a valuable asset for the project. Congratulations and keep up the hard work!”

Independent evaluators

European Commission

Working with Marta is just great: she is efficient, goal oriented, professional and at the same time sympathetic and relationship-oriented. She value people work and contribution and can get the best out of any colleague. She is motivated and has very good problem solving skills. A good team-builder and a hard worker!

Antonella Passani

Partner and Head of the Society, Innovation and Social Capital Research Unit, T6 Ecosystems srl

“Marta has a very professional attitude and a very focused way of managing people and getting work done in due time. Yet, it is her soft skills that make Marta stand out: She not only managed a consortium of very diverse partners in a range of different European countries, but also brought a ‘Zen’ to the consortium that made it a pleasure for all people to work together in this project. It is Marta’s combination of professionalism and ease of mind that makes her truly stand out as a Project Manager and Consortium Leader.”

Tom Lidy

Head of Machine Learning, Musimap