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About me

Hi, I am Marta Arniani. A creative thinker, mediator and problem solver, I am here to help you plan and implement your next big thing.

I design open innovation projects, strategies and events creating a meeting ground for different disciplines and industries. I have coordinated projects with many partners involved and I always create a space where everybody is motivated, on time and collaborative.

Project management & strategy are not just a set of deadlines and boxes to tick. They involve community management, storytelling, creativity and resiliency.

I am a Horizon 2020 expert and my interests lie in Digital Social Innovation, emerging technologies and innovation management.

I work remotely for clients across Europe: Italian mothertongue, I am fluent in English and French, and have a good level of Spanish.

What people say about me

The coordinator is doing a great job in driving the project forward and aligning it with its counterparts in other CSAs. Passion and good mood is really appreciated – it makes the project more human and great to work in.
The incorporation of highly skilled collaborators such as Marta is a valuable asset for the project.
Congratulations and keep up the hard work!

European Commission - Independent evaluators

NGI Move - Interim evaluation

Marta was extremely well-organized and a thoughtful and sensitive leader who helped keep our project on track and on task. As a first time participant in a European public-sector project, Marta helped me and my company understand and navigate the bureaucratic minutiae necessary to succeed. She also demonstrated these skills as an organizer of public events and communications for our project. Marta is diplomatic, organized, and passionate about her work in social innovation.

Lee-Sean Huang

Cofounder, Creative Director, Foossa

Working with Marta is just great: she is efficient, goal oriented, professional and at the same time sympathetic and relationship-oriented. She value people work and contribution and can get the best out of any colleague. She is motivated and has very good problem solving skills. A good team-builder and a hard worker!

Antonella Passani

Partner and Head of the Society, Innovation and Social Capital Research Unit, T6 Ecosystems srl

Marta has a very professional attitude and a very focused way of managing people and getting work done in due time. Yet, it is her soft skills that make Marta stand out: She not only managed a consortium of very diverse partners in a range of different European countries, but also brought a ‘Zen’ to the consortium that made it a pleasure for all people to work together in this project. It is Marta’s combination of professionalism and ease of mind that makes her truly stand out as a Project Manager and Consortium Leader.

Tom Lidy

Head of Machine Learning, Musimap