PROJECT OVERVIEW: Ivrea – Industrial city of the XX century has been listed as world industrial heritage by Unesco.

MY ROLE: In July 2018, I was part of the international group of experts gathered in Ivrea at the former headquarters of the Olivetti company for Workshop #0 on art creativity, and technology for Olivetti. The workshop was organised by Icona, Plus Value, Zurich University of Arts and Base Engineering.

Our goal was to conceive concrete and actionable concepts and plans to harness the creative legacy of the Olivetti to bring a new wave of sustainable and collective economic value to Italy and the Ivrea region. Since then, I have contributed to formalising some of the ideas emerged with the purpose of applying for European funds.

WHY IT MATTERS: The Olivetti factory embodied a dream: a synthesis between capitalist productivity and socialist justice; an engine for collective progress and wellbeing.  What can we learn from the story and history of Olivetti to address the challenges of our time? With this uncertainty comes opportunity, an opportunity for Olivetti’s history and legacy to guide us on a path to the future.

Read the workshop report