Santander – CIDOB 35 under 35 Future Leaders List

PROJECT OVERVIEW: The first edition of the CIDOB Future Leaders Forum, organised by CIDOB (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs) with the support of Banco Santander, is conceived as a space for dialogue between future leaders that brings together 35 different voices in order to debate and exchange ideas and discuss relevant issues of the international agenda, connecting them with relevant social, economic and political actors from Spain and Europe. Within the framework of this Forum, CIDOB and Banco Santander present their 35 under 35 List, which acknowledges the work of 35 potential and consolidated minds of 35 or less years of age.

MY ROLE: I am honoured to have been selected among the 35.

WHY IT MATTERS: The topic is “Global Techno-politics: Technology, the next global order and the role of the EU”.

In the short video interview below I answer the question “According to your expertise and knowledge, what are the challenges that technology brings to the global order and what should be the role of the EU?”