Wild Spots: an ecology of attention

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Wild Spots is a collective based in Paris. We work at the junction of urbanism, ecology and wellbeing and we promote nature connectedness as a wellbeing resource in the digital age. The collective gathered through exchanges and brainstorming sparked from the homonymous temporary urbanism experience I carried out in Amsterdam in the framework of the T-Factor project (see video below). We are hosted by the coworking space and fablab WoMa.

MY ROLE: Founder.

WHY IT MATTERS: We explore how individual and collective training of attention through nature-connectedness activities can be a resource to face the current planetary crisis. Attention is crucial in world-making: we are building accessible methodologies and strategies anchored in nature connectedness to re-educate attention towards ecology and community. Nature connectedness can indeed help in three spheres:

  • Developing biophilia and understanding how beings are constantly in a web of relations.
  • Improving mental, physical and social well-being of individuals and communities.
  • Emancipating from the ubiquitous regime of surveillance and distractions fueled by the digital economy.